Experience the Beauty & History of Growing a Bonsai Tree At Home

4.6/5.0 (Based on 2,332 Reviews)

Bring home the natural beauty of 4 different Bonsai varieties and watch as they grow from seeds into the iconic trees that have symbolized tranquility for hundreds of years. With every single resource you need to easily plant, mark, and nurture your Bonsais, the Bonsai Tree Grow Kit makes creating your own indoor zen garden as easy as adding water.
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Join Thousands Enjoying Their Own Indoor Bonsai Gardens

From cities to small towns, people across the US are growing Bonsai trees!

I'm a huge plant enthusiast but my kids rarely want to get involved. For the first time they were actually excited about planting! We had the loveliest time as a family using this kit and they are so very excited to see their very own Bonsais start to grow!

- Suzy P.

HomeGrown Bonsai Tree Kit is a great little starter kit that includes everything you need to get started in this wonderful hobby - pots, trays, soil, fertilizer, seeds, markers and instructions. I love the seed varieties that were selected.

- Joe T.

I had always wanted to try growing a Bonsai Tree. This kit is good for beginners. It comes with four different varieties and three of them sprouted after a week! I look forward to watching them grow and will be excited when they get big enough to transplant and train into the shapes I want.

- Theresa T.

The kit was wonderful. The instructions were clear. The materials seemed to be high quality. Everything you need to get started is included. I enjoyed putting it all together and look forward to watching them grow and mature.

- Melvin M.


Raise Four Varieties of Iconic Bonsai Trees in 3 Easy Steps

Get stunning results with our detailed care guide and germination-tested heirloom seeds

Sprout Robust Bonsai Seedlings With Our Germination Guarantee

Unlock the growing potential of your seeds with some simple pre-planting care and soaking


Fortify Your Soil To Support Strong, Healthy Plants

Infuse your soil with our plant-nourishing nutrition packet to promote lush growth


Watch Your Bonsai Plants Thrive Before Your Eyes With Quick Maintenance

Transfer seedlings to their sleek pots and water to see them flourish into four iconic Bonsai trees

Bring a Symbolic, Beautiful Tree Into Your Home

Grow confidently with our germination guarantee

Our USA-sourced heirloom Bonsai seeds are lab-tested to ensure germination, so you never have to worry about stale seeds that won’t grow.

Raise healthy, long-lasting plants

Unlike most grow kits, HomeGrown's Bonsai Kit includes soil peats and plant nutrition to ensure your plants’ hearty growth from seedlings into healthy Bonsai.

Simplify plant care with our easy-to-understand grow guide

No green thumb required: our ultra-simple care guide makes keeping each of your Bonsai plants healthy a no-brainer.

Get ongoing support with outstanding customer service

From the arrival of your kit through the growth of your own flourishing Bonsai plants, our team is here to ensure your success. Feel confident with professional support from the HomeGrown help desk, knowing you’re on the way to the Bonsai garden of your dreams.


Enjoy the Full Bonsai Gardening Experience With The Bonsai Tree Grow Kit

4.6/5.0 (Based on 2,332 Reviews)

Experience the zen beauty of an indoor Bonsai garden with HomeGrown Garden's easy, all-inclusive Bonsai Tree Grow Kit. Your grow kit includes:
  • Sleek pots and drip trays for easy transplanting

  • Peat disks for perfectly measured soil distribution

  • Plant-fortifying nutrition packs for healthy, strong Bonsai trees

  • Labelled plant markers for tracking development

  • A simple sowing and growing guide for foolproof Bonsai care

  • Germination Guarantee!
  • Free Shipping over $50

Stress-Free Bonsai Trees Without Complicated Research & Labor

Get all the materials and detailed instructions you need to grow four different Bonsai varieties, without the traditional research, labor, and expensive accessories required to grow heirloom plants.

With superior detailed care instructions and always-available customer support, you can count on easy solutions as you take your first steps toward curating a truly enviable Bonsai garden at home!

Our Germination Guarantee ensures that each Bonsai Tree Grow Kit is totally risk-free: if your seeds don't germinate, we'll send you replacements, no questions asked.

(PS: Bonsai Tree Kits make perfect gifts for friends and family, young and old!)

Growing Bonsai Trees is as Easy as Your Favorite Houseplant

Most other kits contain untested, stale seeds that fail to thrive

The promise of growing your own Bonsai tree is exciting, until you hear about seeds failing to germinate and being left with an empty pot of soil. The truth is, the seeds that come with most grow kits are old, stale, and untested, which means they have very little chance of sprouting.

Don't waste time on cheap grow kits with old, non-sprouting seeds. With US-sourced, germination-tested Bonsai seeds from HomeGrown Garden, you’ll know that your daily plant care will yield gorgeous results.

Making the Joy of Indoor Gardening Easy For Everyone

Everyone deserves the joy, satisfaction, and connection to nature that growing your own plants from home provides, which is why our founders started HomeGrown Garden.

As a 15-year veteran of the New York food scene, HomeGrown Garden’s co-founder quickly realized the countless benefits of growing his own herbs at home. The heirloom varieties and better flavor were next-level, but he also connected with the simple joys of watching his plants grow and finding moments of peace in the everyday.

That's the core of HomeGrown's mission: to make gardening accessible regardless of location and allow people of all ages to get hands-on with a deeply fulfilling new hobby.

Are You Ready to Breathe New Life Into Your Space With the Iconic Beauty of an Indoor Bonsai Garden?

Our Most Common Bonsai Grow Kit Questions, Answered

Is it hard to grow a Bonsai tree? How long does each bonsai take to grow?

It's no harder to grow a Bonsai tree than to grow a regular houseplant!

After preparing and planting, it typically takes a Bonsai 2-4 weeks to germinate. Over the next year, it will continue to sprout and develop into more. From there onwards, the shape of the Bonsai will really start to take shape.

How will my local climate affect the growing process?

Humidity is one of the biggest factors in Bonsai care, so if you live in a particularly humid environment, we recommend letting the top layer of your soil dry a bit in between waterings. Overwatering can harm your plant.

Warmth and sunlight are required to get a plant growing, though Bonsai seeds don't require sunlight for the germination process. Once germinated, moving your seedlings to a warm spot with around 6 hours of sunlight per day should help maintain healthy growth.

Can I speak to someone if I need help?
Yes! Our customer service team is always available to assist with questions or concerns about your Bonsai Grow Kit. Just email us at: help@homegrown-garden.com or send us a Facebook message at: https://www.facebook.com/HomegrownSeedCo and our team will be ready to help!
What if my seeds don’t sprout?
Because our seeds are locally sourced and germination-tested, this is a fairly uncommon occurrence. But if your seeds don't germinate for any reason, you're covered by our Germination Guarantee. Just get in touch, and we'll send you new seeds, no questions asked!