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Do you only have a small space to dedicate to your seedlings? Do you want to make the best of it? Or maybe you have heard of companion planting and you know that seeding and planting some vegetables together actually has great advantages? Well, then you have come to the right places.

While once gardeners used to seed and plant vegetables in separate places, now, especially thanks to the innovations achieved through permaculture, we have learnt that some vegetables grow much better together.

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Growing succulents from seeds is not the easiest and the fastest way to propagate these beauties, but it’s an exciting and rewarding experience. Leaf cuttings are surely the fastest way to propagate succulents, but that means you can propagate only what you already have. And who can resist the tons of gorgeous succulents available on the market? If you’d like to expand your succulent collection and learn how to grow them from seeds, take a look at our guide.

  • 4 min read