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Deluxe Bonsai Tree Grow Kit

🌳 THE SACRED COLLECTION - ROCKSPRAY Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster Horizontalis), Sacred Fig (Ficus Religiosa), Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) and Japanese Privet (Ligustrum Japonicum) seed starter kit BRING THE ANCIENT ART, culture and tradition of growing Bonsai to your home, without years or disciplined training.

🌳 COMPLETE INDOOR BONSAI GARDEN - ALL TOOLS & NECESSITIES  - GROW LIKE A BONSAI MASTER w/DIGITAL GROW GUIDE, 4 bonsai pots, 4 BAMBOO water drip trays, 4 Bonsai Seed varieties, 4 wooden plant seeds markers, 3 bonsai soil pellets and kelp nutrition pack.

🌳 ZERO TRANSPLANTING - CRITICAL FOR BONSAI HEALTH: Bonsai’s more than love stability, they require it. In fact, even a few minutes exposing Bonsai Roots to air and light can cause irreparable damage, so we’ve included FULL SIZE BONSAI Growing Pots so your beloved Bonsai maintain their healthy root structure  and NEVER require transplant.

🌳 GIFTS FOR GARDENERS, FAMILY & FRIENDS - WE KNOW THEY’LL FEEL impressed and want a Bonsai Tree of their own, so we’ve included ample bonsai seeds in this indoor garden kit, ensuring you can grow your loved ones their very own Bonsai tree.

🌳 ‘HAPPY PLANT PARENT’ GUARANTEE - GROWING YOUR BONSAI GARDEN SHOULD FEEL FUN, not stressful, and we aim to make this the best gardening experience you’ve ever had. We’re 100% confident you’ll LOVE how easily, quickly and naturally HOME GROWN your little Bonsai’s thrive or we’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

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Great seeds and kits. All grew well and were super fun. Good value for the quality. I would definitely recommend these!

Jill Ann Laurey


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