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Cactus & Succulent Grow Kit

Looking for a new green thumb project? This grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own cacti and succulent garden. Designed by our in-house plant experts, this is one of our best sellers! Ever dream of having a beautiful patch of succulent plants sitting on your windowsill? Now, you can easily cultivate a zen-like garden right in your own home! Our high-quality seed mix is ideal for growing your personal cactus and succulent garden, indoors or outdoors.

Our Cactus and Succulent Grow Kit includes:

  • 10 cactus seeds and 10 succulent seeds
  • 4 planters with 4 drip trays
  • Compressed soil
  • 4 plant marker
  • Grow guide

The seeds included in our kits and sourced in The USA and boast high germination rates. Simply follow our grow guides and you will grow your own cacti and succulents in no time.

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Great seeds and kits. All grew well and were super fun. Good value for the quality. I would definitely recommend these!

Jill Ann Laurey


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