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Crackerjack marigold is an heirloom hybrid

variety that boasts impressively large, fully

double flowers that come in several shades

of yellow and orange. A perfect choice for

beds, borders, and path edges, as well as for

container planting. Crackerjack marigolds

are easily grown from seeds and they make

vibrant, long-lasting cut flowers. They

handle heat very well and usually continue

producing blooms throughout the entire


Sowing Indoors

For an earlier start, sow your Crackerjack marigolds indoors 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last spring frost date in your zone. Using a seed starting tray filled with a seed starting soil mix, sow marigold seeds at the depth of 1⁄4 inch. Sow several seeds per cell, as you will thin your seedlings once they’re big enough. Keep evenly moist and maintain a steady soil temperature of around 70°F–75°F. The seeds should germinate in a week or two.


Once there’s no longer any risk of frost, your marigold seedlings can be safely moved outdoors. Thin your transplants and leave only the strongest ones. Prepare a planting site by breaking the soil and adding garden compost. Plant seedlings 12 to 18 inches apart and water thoroughly after planting. Water seedlings regularly until


Sowing Outdoors

Crackerjack marigold seeds can be sown directly into the garden. The best time for direct sowing is early spring in warmer climates or two weeks after the last spring frost in cooler regions, when the soil has warmed up to 70°F. Sow 2 to 3 seeds every 12 to 18 inches and cover with 1⁄4 inch of soil. Water thoroughly.


Although categorized as a low-care plant, Crackerjack marigold produces more blooms when fertilized a few times per season. Dead flower heads can be removed to encourage more blooms. Marigolds are relatively drought-tolerant and don’t like being overwatered. When harvesting flowers for a vase, pick those that are half-open—they will last longer.