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Lettuce and Leafy Greens Vegetable Seeds (10 Variety)


Product Details

  • The 10 MOST POPULAR LETTUCE AND LEAFY GREEN VAULT PLUS PLANT MARKERS - Start growing your own garden and eating all natural healthy lettuce and leafy greens straight from your yard or indoor garden.

  • 1500 TOTAL SEEDS & PLANTING GUIDE - Our assorted heirloom seeds pack have a large variety of seeds and with high germination rates. Seeds are contained inside in waterproof resealable mylar pouch to maintain freshness and quality of the seeds. These make great lettuce seeds for planting indoor, outdoor, or in a hydroponic system like aerogarden. Included as well is a planting guide in each pack.

  • GREAT GIFT FOR GARDENERS - CHEFS - SURVIVALIST - What else is better than giving a gardener a full of seed collection to have a bountiful vegetable garden. Our collection of lettuce and greens starter seeds are great and include planting instructions and plant markers.

  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR SUSTAINABLE GARDEN - Plant seeds all year indoors, or in a hydroponic system, and start your own lettuce or leafy green vegetable garden to enjoy amazing greens and salads all year. These can be used as a indoor garden, gardening kit, or in an outdoor garden bed. Plant more and use as spouts or micro greens.

  • PRODUCT OF USA - Our garden seeds are sustainable sourced in the USA. Have confidence about our quality and 100% satisfaction guarantee. These seeds can work with aerogarden pods and other hydroponic systems.

Product Description:

Included in each pack:

Varieties - Counts (estimated) Total: ~1500

Paris Island Romaine Lettuce Seeds ~ 150

Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds- 150

Red Oak leaf Lettuce Seeds - 150

Iceberg - 150

Prizehead Lettuce Seeds- 150

Bibb Lettuce - 150

Dwarf Siberian Kale Seeds - 150

Nobel Giant Spinach Seeds - 150

Arugula Seeds (Roquet) - 150

Swiss Chard Seeds - 150

10 ea Plant Markers

1 ea Planting Guide

Our heirloom Non-GMO seeds are great for gardeners, survivalist, kids, and chefs alike. Get yours today!

Harvesting Time:

Majority of lettuces - 40-60 days

Romain - 75-80 days

Crisphead - 70-100 days 

Looseleaf and butterhead - Anytime during development 

Growing and Planting

Considered to be a care-free growing crop

Ideal growing PH - 6.0 - 8.0

Ideal temp - 80 degrees or warmer for germination

Can easily be started indoors and transferred outside or in a hydroponic system

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