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How to Get Rid of Plant Pest Header

How to Get Rid of Plant Pests

by Home Grown August 18, 2020

You’ve probably noticed that various types of bugs occasionally occur on your houseplants or garden plants. Although not all bugs are harmful, some of them are quite damaging. The real garden problems are usually caused by tiny bugs and even experienced gardeners have to deal with plant pests sometimes. However, there are many ways to prevent and control pests, so read on to learn how to get rid of plant pests.
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How to Repot Succulents Header

How to Repot Succulents

by Reichelle de Guzman August 03, 2020

If you’ve been growing succulents in pots, you’ve probably been asking yourself whether they need to be repotted. This useful guide will answer your questions and teach you how to identify the reasons for repotting. Read on to learn how and when to repot succulents.

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10 Tips for Sowing and Germination Header

10 Tips for Sowing and Germination

by Reichelle de Guzman July 23, 2020

Sowing is a wonderful activity; for some, it is rewarding, for others even mystical, because we partake of giving birth and regenerating life… But for many amateur gardeners, it can also have its challenges… Seeds that don’t germinate, seeds that are hard to plant because they are small, seedlings that grow leggy and plants that, for example, should grow leaves and instead go straight into bolting (it runs to seed to fast)…

But don’t worry… expert gardeners have their own tricks to get the best results from your seeds. Some come from ancient knowledge and others are new and very ingenuous. And this is exactly what I’ll be sharing with you: 10 of the best tips to make sure you will get as many healthy plants as possible!

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How to Take Care of Succulents Indoors and Outdoors Header

How to Take Care of Succulents Indoors and Outdoors

by Home Grown July 23, 2020

Whether you’re planning on growing succulents indoors or outdoors, there are some general rules of succulent care you should follow. Watering tips, the type of soil, light requirements – these are mostly the same for any type of succulent. However, the climate you live in will determine what succulents you can grow outdoors. Read on to learn how to choose the right succulent for your climate and how to care of succulents indoors and outdoors.
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When Will My Wildflowers Bloom? Header

When Will My Wildflowers Bloom?

by Reichelle de Guzman July 23, 2020

Summer has finally arrived. If you planted wildflowers this year, you might be asking yourself, “when will my wildflowers bloom?”

Unfortunately, when you’re growing a mixture of wildflower species, the answer isn’t always clearcut. Since most wildflower seed mixtures contain a vast array of species, they won’t all bloom at the same time. In fact, most mixes are carefully chosen so that you will get a wide overall bloom time rather than one explosive bloom.

There are lots of factors that influence when your wildflowers will bloom. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Propagate Succulents Header

How to Propagate Succulents

by Reichelle de Guzman July 20, 2020

Propagation is the process of multiplying your plants in order to get new plants. One of the most amazing things about succulents is how easily they propagate. With a little effort, you can quickly expand your succulent collection and create a gorgeous succulent garden. There are several methods of propagating succulents – from leaves, cuttings, offsets, and seeds.

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How to Grow Potatoes Header

How to Grow Potatoes

by Reichelle de Guzman July 20, 2020

Whether you like them fried, baked, roasted, or mashed, there’s no vegetable that’s quite as versatile as the humble spud.

Potatoes can be planted very early in the gardening season, allowing you to get a jumpstart on the growing season. If you’re curious about how to grow potatoes at home, you’ve come to the right place.

Trust us, once you learn how to do it, you’ll be a potato peddling master in no time!

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Common Tomato Pests - and How to Get Rid of them Header

Common Tomato Pests - and How to Get Rid of them

by Reichelle de Guzman July 20, 2020

Growing tomatoes is a rewarding, enjoyable way to spend the summer - until pests threaten to destroy your entire harvest, that is.

There are all kinds of critters that enjoy munching on ripe, juicy tomatoes just as much as you do. Fortunately, although these pests can be destructive, there are some easy ways you can eliminate them in the garden once and for all - and prevent them from coming back.

Here are the most common tomato plant pests, and the best tips on how to get rid of them.

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How to Grow Garlic Header

How to Grow Garlic

by Reichelle de Guzman July 16, 2020

One of the best plants you can grow over the winter months, garlic requires very little space and can be used in so many homestead recipes.


As a member of the allium family, garlic is easy to grow. If you’re interested in learning how to grow garlic, you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Identify and Solve Common Succulent Issues Header

How to Identify and Solve Common Succulent Issues

by Reichelle de Guzman July 13, 2020

Although succulents are fairly easy to grow, there are still several issues that occasionally bother succulent enthusiasts. These succulent issues are caused by inadequate care, pests, and diseases, but it’s usually quite tricky to identify the cause of the problem.

When you see your obviously unhealthy (or dying) succulent you probably ask yourself a bunch of questions. Did I overwater my succulent? Does it get enough sunlight? What’s wrong with my succulent?

In the text below, we will try to give you the answer to these and many other questions, and help you identify succulent problems depending on their look, but we will also try to give you a solution to these issues.

Here are the some of the common succulent issues and how to fix them.

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Perennial Vegetables to Plant this Summer Header

Perennial Vegetables to Plant This Summer

by Reichelle de Guzman June 24, 2020

Growing your own vegetables is one of the best ways to build healthy soil, feed your family, and get some exercise. Plus, growing fresh veggies is a ton of fun.


However, when you factor in all the work that it takes to grow a garden - from weeding to fertilizing, watering to pruning - it can be a lot of work. Add to that the fact that most vegetables also need to be replanted from seed or transplant every year, and the thought of growing your own vegetable garden is downright exhausting.


Luckily, there are several perennial vegetables you can plant to help cut down your labors. These vegetables come back year after year so you never have to worry about reseeding.

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Sowing Up Your Garden: Planting the Seeds in Your Vegetable Kit Header

Sowing Up Your Garden: Planting the Seeds in Your Vegetable Kit

by Reichelle de Guzman June 23, 2020

Vegetable gardening isn’t such a tough row to hoe once you understand that the nursery rhyme quote  “some like it hot; some like it cold” applies to plants also.  To take advantage of that fact, you will need to know the approximate dates of both your last spring frost and your first autumn frost.  You can find that information by entering your zip code in an online frost dates calculator.

Like your skiing and snowboarding friends, hardy vegetables are invigorated by chilly temperatures and may become sulky and lackadaisical during the hottest summer months.  Tender types, on the other hand, can be compared to your sun-loving pals who enjoy basking on the beach for hours.  They want all the heat they can get and won’t tolerate freezing temperatures.  Some of them also take a long time to grow up! 

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