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5 Melon Varieties Fruit Seeds


Product Details

  • FIVE REFRESHING MELON VARIETIES - 204 seeds of melon including Crimson Sweet watermelon, Green Flesh honeydew, Hales Best cantaloupe, Sugar Baby watermelon, and Yellow Canary melon. All juicy, crunchy, and sweet.
  • VARYING LEVELS OF SWEETNESS - Melon varieties have different Brix values, which is a measurement of sweetness. Our 5 melon varieties offer different types of sweetness, leaning towards sweet to extremely sweet.
  • EASY TO GROW WITH THE RIGHT ELEMENTS - Given the right conditions, our 5 melon varieties are easy to grow. Melon is a trailing vine plant that can be grown on the ground, using a trellis, or in containers.
  • DELICIOUS, REFRESHING, PERFECT FOR SUMMER - Harvest your own melon variety in your backyard and enjoy it straight from the vine, which is juicier, sweeter, and still warm from the sun. 
  • HYDRATING AND NOURISHING - Melon is a great companion during the hot summer season as not only it will hydrate you with its electrolyte content, it will also nourish you with its Vitamin C and Potassium content.
  • NON-GMO AND HIGH GERMINATING SEEDS - USA-sourced seeds that are safe, unaltered, and have 85-90% germination rate with the right growing conditions. 
  • ACCESS OUR EXCLUSIVE GROW GUIDE - Feel confident in growing our 5 varieties of melon seeds with our printed and digital grow guides, which provide easy to follow instructions that even beginners can understand.

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