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Cat Grass Seeds Bulk


Product Details

  • Only the Best Grass for Your Cat - Keep your pets healthy all year round with freshly grown cat grass, from seeds harvested right here in the USA

  • Healthy AND Tasty - Even the most nutritious grass is worthless when your fur buddy gets too fussy, that's why our cat greens are grown for both flavor and nutrition

  • Premium Oat and Barley - These greens are great for digestion, preventing hairballs and are chockfull of amino acids and fiber, and also keep your cats away from chewing house plants (which may not be safe)

  • Cat Grass Growing Kit Refills - Bulk cat grass seed offers to keep your cat grass kits growing and your cats from complaining

  • 100% Non-GMO, Heirloom Catgrass Seeds - Stick to the good stuff from Home Grown, where we grow people food too! We've got it all: from herbs and veg, to flowers and bonsai
Why Buy Cat Plants?
  • Give your feline friends their daily dose of greens and lure them away from delicate and dangerous house-plants!
  • Barley to promote healthy coat and skin
  • Oat with balanced mix of amino acids
  • Prevents hairballs, improves digestion, high in fiber
  • Includes oat and barley bulk cat grass seed mix
BONUS Digital Grow Guide
  1. Easy to follow instructions
  2. Detailed info on growing, sowing, and maintaning
  3. Different ways to grow cat grass
  4. Info on pests and problems you might come across

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